Youth Service America and the IAYG Family Introduce the Global Initiative for Youth Service

The Global Initiative for Youth Service will be Youth Service America and the IAYG family's organizing platform for young changemakers in communities worldwide

Youth Service America (YSA) and the IAYG organizational family are proud to announce the launch of the Global Initiative for Youth Service (GIYS). GIYS will be the organizations’ first global platform to organize, mobilize and empower young changemakers in diverse communities worldwide, building on the organizations’ strong leadership in the youth service movement and commitment to empowering young people. The platform will closely complement the organizations’ existing programs and digital campaigns, including Youth Service America’s Global Youth Service Day (GYSD), with an unprecedented expansion in community-level coordination and organizational infrastructure.

The voices and actions of young people are more critical than ever to realizing the Global Goals and solving the toughest development challenges of our time. By transforming the organizing capacity and access to critical resources for young changemakers, the Global Initiative for Youth Service will advance the role of youth in stepping up to these goals. From connecting motivated young people to platforms of community leaders, mentors, local organizations and coordinators in diverse community settings across the world, to backing youth-driven projects with community support, to transforming one-day projects into long-term commitments in youth service, to spearheading the expansion of youth service infrastructure in communities yet unreached – all in the more than 150 countries that YSA and IAYG collectively serve – the initiative promises to be one of the most significant developments in the empowerment of young people worldwide.

The Global Initiative for Youth Service will be jointly led by Youth Service America and the IAYG organizational family. This partnership brings together the best of two worlds: combining YSA’s worldwide leadership in the youth service movement through campaigns like Global Youth Service Day and platforms for inspiration and youth recognition with the IAYG organizational family’s close public-sector relationships, education-sector leadership, leadership in unleashing the potential of youth-driven social innovation and vast organizing capacity across the world, especially in the thousands of communities yet to be reached by youth service.

IAYG President Phillip Meng, who will serve as the inaugural chairman of the initiative, referred to the announcement as a “leap forward for the rights and opportunities of children and youth.”

Mr. Meng continued, “Thanks to the organizational commitment of both institutions, the Global Initiative for Youth Service will not only accelerate the expansion of youth service to every corner of the planet but help create a world where no young person pursues a dream alone, no matter who they are or where they’re from. The dedication with which young people are tackling tough issues in campaigns like Global Youth Service Day is both powerful proof of the immense talent and powerful dedication among young people today and a reminder of the incredible potential of the millions yet unreached by youth service.”

YSA’s President and CEO Steve Culbertson added, “The Global Goals provide a powerful organizing framework for youth to change the world. When young people with dreams have immediate access to strong community organizations and mentors who can advise projects, navigate societal barriers and guide them on their service journey, we can only imagine what they will be able to achieve.”

Learn more about the Global Initiative for Youth Service at Young changemakers and future changemakers can sign up at to join the world’s community-level organizing platform for youth service and become connected to other young leaders and youth service stakeholders across their community. Community members, schools, community-based organizations, companies and governments are also invited to join the program to support access to youth service in their communities and accelerate the youth service movement.

About Youth Service America

Youth Service America (YSA) is a leading global nonprofit that activates young people, ages 5-25, to #LeadASAP by finding their voice, taking action and making an impact on vital community issues. Youth #LeadASAP through Awareness, Service, Advocacy and Philanthropy (ASAP) projects. Research shows that youth who engage in quality, youth-led projects develop the 21st Century Skills they need to be successful in school, work and life. YSA activates, funds, trains and recognizes young people and their adult partners. YSA’s signature campaign Global Youth Service Day is the only annual event dedicated exclusively to recognizing and inspiring the contributions that youth make year-round. Our vision is a global culture of engaged children and youth committed to a lifetime of meaningful service, learning and leadership. For more information, visit

About the IAYG family

As one of the world’s leading humanitarian institutions, the IAYG organizational family educates and empowers young people to transform their world. The organizations of the IAYG family - which include the IAYG itself, the Global Geography Curriculum Development Programme, Coalition for Youth Community Leadership (CYCLE), World Clubs for Peace and other affiliated local and international institutions – work all across the world to advance opportunity for young people. From our foundational work in geographic and global education, to efforts that launch innovative youth-driven initiatives worldwide, to organizations that engage young people in peacebuilding to heal some of the world’s most fractured societies, the efforts of the IAYG family are diverse but united by one goal: ensuring that every child on earth has the opportunity to learn and lead, to the benefit of stronger societies and a better world. Learn more at

Source: Youth Service America